We are a group of regular guys. We work, we pay bills, we have family responsibilities and most of all we look forward to our time away from work to enjoy ourselves with family and friends. It is during these times when we started adopting “IT’S BETTER THAN WORK” as our lifestyle.

You see, “IT’S BETTER THAN WORK” is a simple phrase that our friend Paco uses to remind us all that there is more to life than work. In other words, hanging out at the beach, kayaking, fishing, grilling with a group of friends, hiking, camping, live music, playing in the sports league...IT’S BETTER THAN WORK. Soon enough, the five of us started sharing photos of different moments where we were having fun, enjoying with one another or with family and other friends with the caption “IT’S BETTER THAN WORK”. This basic phrase turned into a philosophy we now hold true, let’s have fun and enjoy the moments we have outside of work.

Our lifestyle brand captures this sentiment of having fun and enjoying the time spent with friends and family. When you wear and use our products you are making a statement that you work hard, but, are committed to not let life pass by and enjoy it to its full potential.   

So, remember, cherish those moments when you are doing that which takes your mind away from life’s stressors and helps you better appreciate how hard you work for these moments. Without a doubt you will find - IT’S BETTER THAN WORK!